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Who We Are

The Voices Against Violence Program (VAV) at UMBC is dedicated to addressing issues of sexual assault, relationship violence, harassment, and stalking that impacts our student community. There are three components of the Voices Against Violence Program:


Victim/Survivor Support:

The number one priority of the VAV program is to support survivors of sexual assault, relationship violence, harassment, and stalking. Our services are centered on helping students feel safe and supported so they can continue pursuing their education at UMBC.


Education and Outreach:

VAV is available to provide education to student groups on sexual assault, relationship violence, stalking and harassment as well as participate in events your group is hosting on campus. We incorporate discussions, movies, and games into our education efforts and are always happy to work with student leaders to customize our work with your group. We work closely with the UMBC Peer Health Education program on these efforts.


Staff and Faculty Training:

VAV provides training on the reporting protocol for when an incident is disclosed by a student to a staff or faculty member in your department. Since nearly all staff and faculty at UMBC are considered ‘responsible employees’ (meaning they are required to report all disclosures) per UMBC’s Interim Sexual Misconduct Policy, we encourage all departments to contact VAV to set up a one-hour training.